Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Thanks, Jewel!

Jewel reminds me that blogging counts as writing. So yay! I'm totally getting my pages in!

Actually, I spent the day writing a column for the Desnews. It's a Thanksgiving piece about how my mother nearly murdered my father one year when he asked her to pray AFTER she'd spent the day cooking in the kitchen. "Well," she said, "I might as well. I'VE DONE EVERYTHING ELSE." The column runs next Monday.

I love the holidays actually, and I love to write about them. Man, would I ever, ever love it if I could publish a Christmas picture book that stuck around for a couple of seasons. Something like Julie Vivas' NATIVITY or WOMBAT DIVINE by Mem Fox. I'd die happy then. Maybe.

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Pink Ink said...

Glad to be of help whacking that guilt monster away :-).

Now if only we get paid to blog...