Saturday, November 15, 2008

What I Did Today Instead of Write

1. Go grocery shopping
2. Fill up the car
3. Take assorted crap out of my car such as a box of kitty litter, a present for my niece, and several empty Dr. Pepper cans
4. Make chicken popovers for my niece's shower
5. Drive to Bountiful and buy cupcakes for my niece's shower from Parsons Bakery, which is usually an outstanding bakery, but okay I really have to give today's dry and messy-looking cupcakes a failing grade
6. Give my niece a shower (actually my mother-in-law threw the shower--we just used my house)
7. Watch the end of the BYU/Air Force game
8. Watch the Utah/SDSU game
9. Read IN TOUCH magazine to find out if Angelina is pregnant again and if Brad does, in fact, feel trapped


shelley said...

Is he feeling trapped?

Bob the Woodcutter said...

I find it hard to find the energy to write because it's hard. On the other hand, on those rare occasions when you get the language just right, when the fates permit the perfect combination of funny and beautiful and sad and ephemeral and important all in the same phrase or paragraph or page, it's just a feeling that can't be matched. It's that feeling that should keep us all writing, to keep crafting.

Lisa B. said...

You are my sister-writer, because I could write a similar list almost every single day of my life. And bad cupcakes? Why? Life is tooooooo short. There oughta be a law.