Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dogs and Cats! Cats and Dogs!

So I have to say I prefer dogs to cats. This is due, no doubt, to the fact that a fabulous fawn-colored boxer was my constant companion from the time I was born until she died nine years later. There isn't a picture of me when I was a kid that doesn't include my peerless dog. I still have dogs--Aggie (a sweet, mildly neurotic Field Spaniel) and Zora (an enormous Newfie who slobbers A LOT). Can't imagine my life without them, frankly.


A writer needs a cat to sit on her desk while she writes. That's because writers are trying their hand at magic--conjuring up something from nothing. And as everyone knows, conjurers need their familiars. Which is why I have three cats. Can't imagine my life without them either.

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Pink Ink said...

My youngest came out today to breakfast saying, in her sweetest voice, that she had a dream that I let her have a kitten.

And I almost said, "Sure, I'll let you have a kitten," because she looked so happy.

But I won't let her. Am I a mean mommy?

You're right, though, cats seem to go hand in hand with magic.

PS I'll have to post about this. :-)