Sunday, November 16, 2008

That's What I'm Talking About

So after last night's post detailing what I did instead of write, I felt so guilty I wrote a page. That's my goal right now. To write at least one page. Every. Single. Day.

Writing one page is kind of hard, though. It's like running the first mile of a 10k race. The first mile is the WORST. Same with writing one page--it's just torture. You second-guess every word choice while wrestling with big stupid sentences that don't make much sense.

Still! It's better than not writing!


Pink Ink said...

Definitely, it's better than not writing!

Although don't blog posts count as "writing"? :-)

Bob the Woodcutter said...

I think you should have a goal to write at least three pages every day because that's a magical number and your writing is so often magical.