Monday, November 24, 2008

What I did this weekend at Betsy's farm

1. Took several long satisfying walks around Francis and Kamas
2. Read some of COVER-UP AT THE SUPER BOWL by John Feinstein
3. Read some of THE 39 CLUES by Rick Riordan
4. Read a few short stories by Guy du Maupassant until I realized I didn't want to read stories about French peasants torturing animals
5. Had lunch with Barbara and Betsy at the Gateway Grille (I had fish and chip-age! Thanks for asking!)
6. Took a tour of Skip and Barbara's Amazing Technicolor Dream Motorhome
7. Watched 20 minutes or so of THREE COINS IN A FOUNTAIN before losing patience with it--although it was a pleasure to hear Andy Williams' voice again after all these years
8. Ate ribs and salad and artichokes and shrimp at night
9. Watched the tragic BYU/UTAH game with the sound turned down
10. Watched the San Francisco/Dallas game with the sound turned down
11. Watched the Indianapolis/San Diego game with the sound turned down
12. Did NOT watch the tragic Philadelphia/Baltimore game with the sound turned up OR down

And oh yeah. Did I mention? I WROTE 50 PAGES! And finished a first draft of a new middle-grade novel. It's soooooo rough. But still.

And wow. Thanks to you for your encouraging posts!


Lisa B. said...

You rule! What a great list of achievements. Oh, and nice 50 pp., too.

Sara Z. said...

I watched the Niners game with sound. Big mistake. (For a Niners can.)

50 pages?? Damn, girl. You go!

Pink Ink said...

Congrats, Ann! That's awesome.