Friday, September 23, 2016

Cheating: a Novelist's Perspective

So La Louise and I were talking yesterday about what happens when the honeymoon is over with that novel you're writing that you were so excited about.

How excited were you?  You sent it roses.  You texted it non-stop.  You swore your undying love.  You updated your status on Facebook to "in a relationship."

But then you hit that middle part and gah.  Suddenly your love doesn't feel so fresh and dewy.  And suddenly you think about cheating on your manuscript.

What do I mean by that?  I mean you start wanting to write this OTHER book you've been thinking about because this OTHER book will be easier to write and more satisfying and Reese Witherspoon will option it and make you rich and you and Reese will go to the Oscars together, but only if you promise not to upstage her gown with your gown.

Reese can be tricky that way.

Anyway, this is me and Louise warning you to resist the temptation.  This is just part of the process.  Accept the fact that all middles are messy for awhile and then have a little faith in yourself and your story and see it through until the end.

Then you can decide what to do with it.

And never mind about the Reese advice.  Buy any damn Oscar gown you feel like, is what I'm saying.


Lisa B. said...

Oh hell yes.

This could be a column, btw.

Also, once I heard Michael Chabon talk about this very thing, and his conclusion was much the same as yours: your ability to stick with a project once the honeymoon is over is what makes you a real writer. Which is what you are, my friend, hardcore. In spades.

James said...

I marvel at anyone who finishes a book, let alone good ones, like yours. I have an idea, sit down at the computer, and then the idea chunks up the brain like sludge or floats away like the ether. So keep on making it work writers. I enjoy reading them. My oscar gown is going to be the color of a burrito.

Charles said...

Thank you, Ann.

Jeanna Stay said...

This post is just another reason to love you.

Lauren said...

I've neglected my favorite blogs for a while. I've missed yours.