Thursday, September 15, 2016

"Briarton," Part 8

TRIGGER WARNING:  You may be sad to learn that this will be the last installment of "Briarton."  Either I didn't finish this story.  Or the pages were lost in TRQ's storage unit.  I suspect the former.

"His Honor, the Mayor," gulped Dr. P.P. "wishes to see you instantly.  Bring the child with you."

Then struggling for one last breath, the poor tired doctor fainted and fell through the doorway.  The lovely fairy woman Gwendolyn smiled sadly and gently tended the doctor with damp leaves and hummingbird's nectar.

Jasper Jay reached for his lamp, wrapped a quilt about his son's body, and left for his father's home.


However, there is an opportunity for YOU to tell us all what happens next.  Have at it with my blessing!


Megan Goates said...

Gwendolyn the lovely fairy woman raises Hollyhock in a secluded garden in a magical wood, where they harvest the nectar of fruits and flowers, concoct healing balms, and live blissfully unaware of the Briarton politics poisoning Bar. Bum.'s well-being. The name "Hollyhock" is eventually appropriated by female fairy children. Hollyhock is fine with this, as he is not sexist and doesn't mind having a gender-neutral name.

Jim said...

Looking forward to the conclusion...Meaning, I think the author needs to finish it.