Thursday, September 22, 2016

Am I the only writer who . . .

doesn't like the rain?  Is it a prerequisite to like the rain if you're a writer?

The reason I ask is that last night at TKE, Matt and Jaime Kirby (both writers) came in and chatted with me (a writer) and Jen Adams (a writer) and somehow we got onto the subject of rain and its awesomeness and I went NO!

They're all happy that summer is dead and I'm all NO!

So then they doubled down on rain-awesomeness and I doubled-down on sun and summer awesomeness.  And then they all agreed it was their British blood that made them like the rain and I said I had that blood, too, but walking through sheep poo in the rain in England for 8 days pretty much made me never want to go back to England again.  And more to the point, never walk in sheep poo again.  Especially for 8 days.

And then finally I had to go  into the back room take a truckload of antidepressants and sit under one of those depressed-people lamps and tell myself that it's not the Twilight of the Gods.

It's just September.


Rebecca said...

This writer doesn't like rain either. There are 86 days until the Winter solstice. Then the days will get longer, again.

Jim said...

You and Ken really should move to Las Vegas. It will give you lots of sunny days and just enough rainy days that you might end up enjoying the rain. Plus, I hardly ever see sheep poo. I loved this post: Well-written, funny, and insightful.

Lauren said...

I like summer rain