Monday, September 12, 2016

"Briarton," Part 5

Oh, look!  It's Monday!  Time for another installment of the soap opera (featuring wee folk) known as "Briarton"!  When we last saw the Mayor he was--once again--"very upset."

"Summon my son immediately!"  the Mayor snapped. 

Instantly, poor Doctor Paddywise Putnam sunk upon his trembling knees in fear and crawled away.  Then, turning to the quaking citizens of Briton, Mayor Bar. Bum. [my abbreviations, because apparently it's a drag to spell a mayor's name out when you're in junior high school] roared like the crash of a waterfall upon rocks.

"Get out of here this minute!"

Within seconds, the good citizens of Briton scattered and disappeared, many of them leaving their clover and honeysuckle umbrellas behind . . . 


Meanwhile, please imagine what it feels like to crawl away on trembling knees after someone named Bar. Bum. yells at you.


Lisa B. said...

'like the crash of a waterfall upon rocks' so. much. descriptive. joy there!

Emily said...

Um. Stop. How did you come up with the names. TALENT!

Jim said...

I shiver at the thoughts. I have been shouted at by a few bar bums (actually drrunk bosses), but never one that has been a mayor...although it wouldn't have been a total surprise a few years when O. Good. was mayor.