Wednesday, September 14, 2016

"Briarton," Part 7

As you'll recall, we left the mayor toddling back into his house.  Now we shift our focus and visit his son who married the fairy woman, Gwendolyn, against Mayor Bar. Bum.'s wishes.

As he sat holding his newborn son, Hollyhock, Jasper Jay Bumbleberry heard an urgent rap upon his door.

"I suppose," he spoke to Gwendolyn, his wife, "that our good friend the doctor has come to tell us that Father wishes to see me immediately."

Moving gracefully across the room which was carpeted with white and scarlet rose petals, Gwendolyn answered the door.  Doctor PP stood on the front step panting breathlessly. 


--Meanwhile, pant breathlessly amongst yourselves while waiting to see if grandson, son, and father actually meet.

--Also.  Hollyhock for a boy?

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