Friday, February 12, 2016

You're my lobster

Yesterday at the Smith's--amidst all the Valentine balloons and flowers and plants and chocolates--I saw a stuffed toy lobster holding a heart that said "You're my lobster."

I looked at this for awhile, feeling really confused.  Are lobsters a thing now like owls used to be,  I asked myself?  Do I want a lobster?  Do I want to be a lobster?  Do I want to be with a lobster? (Answer:  no and also ouch!)

Clearly this Valentine toy was a reference to something . . . but what?  Maybe I'd check out the Urban Dictionary--something I occasionally do when I write columns just so that if I drop a phrase, I know exactly what it is that I'm saying, yo.

I never had to check out the Urban Dictionary, however, because last night at work, Kenneth knew the answer.  It's a line from an episode of Friends, a series I never really watched and when I did I was mostly distracted by Jennifer Aniston's hair.  But apparently Phoebe tells Ross and Rachel that they're each other's lobsters, because lobsters mate for life.

Or so Phoebe said.  I'm not an expert when it comes to the dating habits of lobsters, obv.

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James said...

I am told Maine is the only state that has a dead animal engraved on the license plate. Its a read lobster, and lobsters turn red after they are boiled in hot water...or so I am told. I may need to consult some dictionary to prove that one.

Kudos to Ken for getting a friends reference.