Monday, February 29, 2016

I'd like to thank the Academy

. . . for raising my consciousness and increasing my awareness last night.  Because I would never do that on my own.

Gah.  What a dreary, self-important bloated event that was!  The irony is that my politics are definitely progressive.  But guess what.  I seriously resent being lectured to.  I also want my Oscars to be a party, not a rally.

And if I never EVER see gravity-defying breasts I'll be happy.


Jim said...

I understand why some people were upset with the all white line up for the major actor/actresses categories. I though Chris Rock got off some good jokes about it too. But I thought this Oscars was the most boring show, self-righteous, Oscar yet. You hit it on the head, I want to see a party.

Emily said...

Yasss! I agree with you. I only saw the last 20 minutes, but I was bored by the soap boxing. I watch movies because I like stories and I watch actors because they're good at their craft. I do not watch actors because of their politics. Blerg!

shelley said...

Perfect summation, my dear friend!