Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hail Caesar

The Coen brothers are responsible for two of my favorite movies--O Brother and Raising Arizona.  So naturally I've been looking forward to their new film, Hail, Caesar!, which Ken Cannon and I saw last night.

Thumbnail review--entertaining and agreeable without being stellar.  There were plenty of things to love--Josh Brolin's character confessing to his priest that he'd slapped a movie star, Tilda Swinton doubling as competitive gossip columnist twins, the over-the-top, homo-erotic dance number with the awesome Channing Tatum.  (I have a crush on C-Tat, it must be acknowledged.)

Still, it didn't send me to the moon.  It sent me half-way.  There were times when I actually felt a little bored.  I liked the idea of George Clooney talking to a study group of communists while wearing a toga,  for example, but the scene itself lost steam.  At least for me.

Not sorry I saw it, though.


Megan Goates said...

Why aren't you writing Trib movie reviews? This is quite an entertaining summation and totally spot on.

James said...

Agreed. I liked it, but I didn't love it, which I wanted. I wanted to love it, like I wanted to love the Llewelyn Davis movie. Oh well, I will still take Hail Caesar over most of the other movies out there right now.

Lisa B. said...

I liked it even more the more I thought about it, and now I can't wait to see it again. I thought the review on Slate brought some things into focus--I think H,C is working in the same territory as several previous movies (Inside Llewyn Davis, which I adored, and also A Serious Man, which I *also* adored), but more effervescent and with greater lightness:

Anyway, I liked it a lot for a bunch of reasons, and Channing Tatum's dance scene is, to me, as good as any dancing anywhere in the movies. Even in Step Up Two Colon The Streets, and that is saying something.