Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A tiny Halloween screed

Right, I know I said I like Halloween.  I even wrote a column about it.  But I do have this question:  when did we start celebrating Halloween for an entire week?  Between school parties and church parties--all of which involve costumes and candy--I wonder if kids are worn out by the time Halloween actually arrives?

I think Halloween should be one day.  On Halloween.  Having too much of a good thing serves to diminish that good thing, don't you think?


Lisa B. said...

It's possible I'm MASSIVELY gratified by this post.

That is all. Also, I have not yet bought my candy what is wrong with me.

Emily said...

Yes. The week long Halloween is especially exhausting for the moms.

CSIowa said...

Yes! I know that we have a Trunk or Treat in my Iowa ward because we don't all live in the same neighborhood. It's something we can invite our neighbors to and the many families with very young children can even get out of regular trick-or-treating altogether if they prefer. I would prefer not to have the activity, but I get why many people like it.

I do not understand why in Utah, where the neighborhood and the ward are essentially the same thing, there is any reason to have a ward party for Halloween. It's like the elite after-party, only before. Just go be in your neighborhood, people. Make that the cool place to be.

On a related note, I have recently decided that I am not only an introvert, but also a misanthrope.

Lauren said...

I love Halloween. I must remind myself that my love for the holiday is NOT greater than my love for my husband or my son. It IS, however, greater than my love for my cat. Sorry, cat.

But I think if we started blasting Halloween music on FM100 for the entire month of October, I would go a little bit nuts. Or a lot.

Sara Z. said...

Yes! This is insanity.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

totally agree. In fact once everyone has given me their snickers we can call it a day. Even if it is 4 PM