Friday, October 10, 2014

Here's something I'm grateful for today

That my dad isn't coaching anymore.

Honestly, I'm surprised by how CRAPPY I feel after BYU loses, even though I DO NOT CARE ANYMORE.  A loss just triggers all these memories of being afraid to turn on the radio to hear what people were saying or avoiding the newspapers to read what people were writing or going to Spanish class on Monday morning where Señor Jarman would talk about the loss like it was MY fault.

Dude!  I wasn't the coach!

Or as I would have said to Señor Jarman back in the dia, "Hombre!  Yo not soy el football coach!"


Emily said...

I would've hated that too. But, wait, is this in reference to the Utah State win? Cause, wow. Just, wow.

(former Aggie)

James said...

I am with you, Sister...literally and figuratively. I think it just shows you are a fan. When they lose, I always think of the coaches family, and I feel sorry for them. Then I am grateful.

Lauren said...

coach de footbal...

I miss the days of your dad coaching. My buddy and I had a secret club behind junk in the garage and in order to be part of it, you had to name at least two BYU players who had gone pro.