Saturday, October 25, 2014

Something I suddenly missed today at the grocery store

Someone to help me take out my groceries (of which there were MANY) and load my car.

This used to be a standard part of the shopping experience.  An adolescent boy in his special grocery store uniform would help you out if you wanted him to.  Which I sometimes did, actually.

But now?  No.  The helpful grocery store boys have gone the way of the helpful gas station attendants and I miss all of them sometimes.  Like I did early this morning when I was slinging bags of dog food and cartons of soda and other things of an awkward size into the back of my car.

What do you miss?


shelley said...

Maybe in the Big City the helpful fellas disappeared, but not down south! They don't even ask anymore if I'd like help to my car, they just take my cart for me. My van with The Lord of the Rings decal is pretty popular with the male crowd under 18!

Megan said...

I miss the pre-kid days when I could spend fifty bucks on groceries that lasted a week or two. Now my man boys inhale food as soon at it appears, so the grocery store and I have a super tight relationship.