Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Books about girls and sports and sports and girls

I'm working on a Trib piece about sports novels wherein I mention Mike Lupica's new novel, Fantasy League, which is Moneyball for minors.  It involves a genius kid whose ability to pick 'em helps a struggling NFL team.

I know.

But Lupica is a good writer and the book reminded me of a fantasy I used to have when I was little, involving me saving the day.  I used to pretend that things had gotten so desperate for the Cougars that the Coach had no choice but to look up into the stands and signal for me to put on a helmet, join him on the football field, and reveal to a stadium of very (!) surprised fans all of my sweet, sweet moves.

Many years laters I was interested to learn that Jennifer Allen, daughter of the late George Allen and author of Fifth Quarter, used to have the exact same fantasy, because you know how third-grade girls are.

All kickass when it comes to helping the paterfamilias.


radagast said...

BTW, you really kicked ass with your Great Basin column. Girl let her literary, I AM a professional, freak flag fly. So good. I took my kids out to GBNP twenty years ago, and they all still talk about it.

James said...

The Cougs could no doubt have used you in 1976 against Wyoming when the QB Marc Cousins ran for 170 plus yards. You were past the 3d grade, but I am sure you were still one of the best tacklers around.