Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I bought instead of dog food, which I went to the store for in the first place . .

I bought a gnome with a Rudolph nose and antlers.

It was just standing there on top of the ice cream freezer, calling my name, saying, "I know it's not Christmas yet.  And I know that I'm not even officially on sale yet, which is why I and my antlers are standing on top of the ice cream freezer where nobody can reach us.  BUT.  I should go home with you and take my place amongst the many gnomes who reside in your yard."

So I made Tim from the pharmacy get the gnome down for me and when I held it in my arms like a toddler--a cute one with antlers and a Rudolph nose--I discovered a button.


A button on its feet.  So I pushed the button and the nose and other body parts (appropriate ones) LIT UP.  So then I walked through the store and the parking lot with a gnome with flashing body parts, cradled in my arms like a grandchild.  You could almost see people feel sorry for me.  And sorrier for my family.

But I feel fulfilled right now.



radagast said...

I would love to have seen that. You need to walk around with a GoPro camera on your forehead, 24/7 (well, maybe 23/7). Alas, I think your dogs will find small comfort in your new little friend.

Lisa B. said...

AGREED with Radagast. I want an all Ann cinema verite channel. Well, actually, I just want to be there with you, especially when you're buying treats.

Louise Plummer said...

Your gnome fetish is charming.

Lauren said...

ha! appropriate body parts