Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dear My Blog

Dear My Blog,

How did this happen?  How did I let you turn into the houseplant that you put in the corner and then forget to water so that it shrivels up and dies, except before dying it makes you feel guilty and like a really bad person for letting something that was once green and full of hope turn into this yellow brittle almost-dead thing sitting in a cheap pot?

I'm sorry.  You didn't deserve my inattention.

Here's what happened, I think.

I had an exhausting summer.  And then I took on a few new obligations which I am excited about--working regular shifts at The King's English, for example--but suddenly I just felt busier and a little bit crazed and things sort of went by the wayside.  Like laundry.  And you.

However, I now feel more able to manage.  I won't replace you with another houseplant.  I'll just do my best to revive you.

Best wishes,

Ann Cannon


radagast said...

This makes me happy. I've missed you!

CSIowa said...

Oh, hurray!

Louise Plummer said...

Aha! The dead plant metaphor! Oh yes.

JenR said...


James said...

The wind from the South is me exhaling...I have been holding my breath for the next entry.

Lauren said...

Leave your clothes wrinkly. You've been missed

Lisa B. said...

Thank the heavens above! I loved seeing this post in my feed, because YAY it's you, blogging! what a gift.

Emily said...

This makes me happy, too. I was a-feared that you'd gone all hip with your leggings and your long shirts and left us t