Saturday, November 22, 2014

A realization about the way the universe does and does not operate

So I have these super old pajama bottoms with a stretched out waist, and whenever I put them on I say, "Dude.  I need some new pajama bottoms."

This morning as I was chasing the puppy, aka "The Charming Terrorist," down the stairs, my pajama bottoms fell off and wound up as a puddle of pajama fabric around my ankles.  And it was in that moment I realized that it (apparently) is NOT enough to float your desire to have new pajama bottoms out there.  The universe will not stop what it's doing and magically bring a pair to your house.

You have to go to a store and buy them for yourself.


Megan said...

"The universe is not a pajama-granting factory, apparently." --Augustus Waters in TFIOS (or something like that).

CSIowa said...

This would explain why there is still not a treadmill in my house.

Lisa B. said...


There is literally nothing in this whole wide world that I would rather do than help you buy pajama bottoms. Not that you need my help, but on the other hand, MAYBE YOU DO.

Think about it.