Monday, November 24, 2014

Recipes and so forth

This week's column just went up.  It was inspired on my morning walk when Sally and Nancy recalled that day many, many, many years ago when Nancy wouldn't share her mother's chocolate ribbon cake with Sally in spite of the fact that they're best friends.

Nancy shares now.


CSIowa said...

I really enjoyed reading this column, as I so often do.

There was a woman in my ward years ago who didn't share her cinnamon roll recipe. She would make dozens of cinnamon rolls for a ward activity or for neighbors or really anytime you asked, but you could NOT have her recipe. This was in Provo where everyone is close together and she didn't want to have to deal with someone else showing up to a church or social event with her rolls when that was what she was offering herself. They were her thing. And she persuaded me that this was not craziness on her part. Some people in Provo can and probably will be tacky and thoughtless in this way if you give them a recipe.

I was fully persuaded that it was perfectly reasonable for her not to share her recipe, but I was really put out with you, Ann, for that whole thing about the new people in your ward sitting in "your" pew. Maybe I was having a bad day when I read that post months ago. I am just going to assume that you're sharing pews now, too.

Still, no one had better bring my brother's friend's mother's gingersnaps to the ward party this year, because that's MY recipe.

Ann said...

Loved hearing this, C.S.Iowa! Thanks for sharing.

Megan said...

If Ann Cannon showed up at my house with groceries for a recipe tutorial I would be in paradise, which I'm pretty sure is where all recipe-sharing people go.

Emily said...

I was just thinking about this recipe sharing thing this very morning. I have always, always shared recipes and WAY looked down on people who don't. But I have a friend, with whom I shared a beloved bread recipe and she MAKES it for EVERYTHING! And people are always asking her to bring HER bread. And, I don't know, but somehow, it kind of pisses me off.

So, I'm sort of on the fence. And maybe this makes me a selfish and insecure person. Maybe.