Thursday, November 3, 2011

Now here's a surprising change in my behavior

For years I've written about my mother with enthusiastic abandon. My Mother the Rodeo Queen! My Mother the Extreme Worrier! My Mother the College Student! My Mother the Poodle Lover! My Mother the Barber! My Mother the Queen of the Every Changing Hairdo! My Mother the Queen Mother!

And in all those years, it never ONCE occurred to me to check with her, to see if she felt okay about me sharing that story about the time she told me to find my own way down Sardine Canyon after a disastrous game in Logan because I'd criticized her for losing her cool.

I know. The pot calling the kettle an exquisite shade of black there.

I've written about my mother so much because, of course, she's been so central in my life and plus she has this BIG personality, which makes her a great source of material. And in my mind at least, I've always written about her with affection.

So I did (another) column about her this week. And suddenly FOR APPARENTLY THE FIRST TIME EVER, I wondered if she would be okay with it. I even sent her the column to see what she thought. And she was all what? You're asking my permission after decades of this?

Not sure why I've changed on this front. But I have. I am suddenly consumed with guilt for having written about her. Which won't stop me, I'm sure. But there you have it.


Louise Plummer said...

I like the take you do on your mother. She comes off lively, sassy and beautiful. I suspect if she didn't like the way you write about her, she would have told you long ago.

wjmom said...

I wrote about my mother a year ago, and she was not happy about it. But the world should know my mother. It would be a better place if everyone knew her. Seriously.

I love your mother.

Anonymous said...

I have written about Mom - all the good stuff - will have to wait till she wiggles into heaven to write some of the more "interesting" stuff. And then I'll watch for lightning bolts!

Love and miss ya! AND I'm doing the WriMo thingy. (I think I may have already shared that with you.)

Btw, I love your mom, too, even though I've only met her through your awesome words. Hugs.

Phil Cannon said...

I don't think you should feel guilty about it at all, Mom. I feel like I wouldn't understand Grandma as well as I do if you hadn't written all these things about her. She is absolutely one of the coolest ladies in the world and definitely deserves to be written about by one of the coolest ladies in the world. Love ya!