Friday, November 4, 2011

Hey, did you know?

November, apparently, is National Picture Book Month. So yay for picture books! Over on my fb page for the Trib, I'm gonna be discussing some of my faves, old and new. Please feel free to list some of your favorites here.


Anne said...

,I Want My Hat Back, by Jon Klassen

Becca said...

So my kids are old for pic books, but I am so deeply fangirl in love with Mo Willems, that I cry happy tears at the thought that he is alive.

Also, I love Kevin Henkes - Lily and Julius and Owen and Chrysanthemum, particularly.

James said...

I read the following to my Kids, and they seemed to love them:

Where the Wild Things Are
One Fish, Two Fish
Santa Cows
and Sandra Boynton books.

At the risk of sounding like a butt-kisser, they also really like "On The Go With Pirate Pete and Pirate Joe."