Monday, November 7, 2011

Isn't funny

. . . how you have nothing to do? And then suddenly you have everything to do?

Before Thursday I need to

1. write a column
2. write two chapters for a spec project
3. review a number of picture books for the Inkslinger
4. keep up my Trib fb page
5. judge some Reflections entries for a local elementary school
6. I'm pretty sure I've forgotten something else
7. yeah, I'm certain I have

It's all good stuff. Just wish it didn't all hit at the same time, you know?


Lisa B. said...

Too much good stuff = time to Fa-REEK out. Hope you're not like that, but I am.

Louise Plummer said...

Ann, you have to be a saint to judge a Reflections contest. Of all the things on your list, that one is the most objectionable. They are as dishonest as science fairs. I can't complain enough about it.

wjmom said...

My massage-therapist honey swears by good vibes, so I will concentrate some your way. :)