Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A mini report

I went to Eugene, OR last week with a suitcase full of clothes and a heart full of love.

I returned from Eugene, OR with a suitcase full of clothes, a heart full of love, and no voice. When I CAN talk, I sound like Marge Simpson's sisters, Selma and Patty. Or like Lindsey on ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT when she said hi to Steve Holt. Or like I've been smoking five packs a day. Since kindergarten.

Fantastic trip, though. Didn't do much but sit around and marvel at the baby and her parents. They're all so beautiful.


Annika said...


Alyosha said...

Love the arrested development reference. Incest has never been more hilarious.

SWILUA said...

I'm so sorry about your voice! But no worries, I'm moving to the Avenues, so I'll be able to hear you whisper.