Thursday, April 21, 2011

Modern Family

Did you catch last night's episode? V. funny, I thought. Also, I could relate. In case you didn't see, Mitch and Cam were busy trying to figure out who they should appoint as Lily's guardians in case of their (tragic) (also early) deaths. I know. I'm talking about them like they're real. That's because THEY'RE MY TV FRIENDS, AND I LOVE MY TV FRIENDS.

Anyway, I remember back in the day how I felt really bad that no one--my brothers, Ken's sisters, Becky--made me their kids' guardians. I kept wondering what was wrong with me. Did they think I would let their kids swallow staples, in which case I would have to rush them to the ER? The answer is NO! I would have not let their kids swallow staples.

We only let our birth children swallow those. Duh.


Alec said...

This is kind of awkward, but I've asked your brother Jim to be your granddaughter's guardian if something happens to Randi and me.

A Different Point Of View said...

Don't feel too bad. We were asked to be guardians to my husband's brother's kids in their will. It was implicit that we would not do nearly as well raising them as their practically perfect parents...but we were merely the least objectionable replacements of all their options.

Lisa B. said...

Oh my hell, I loved that episode. I especially loved it when my btvf (best tv friend) Cam said, when imagining how badly Lily's life would turn out (in Lily's future voice), "Thanks gay dead dads, for making X my guardian, thanks for ruining my life."

THOSE GUYS KILL ME. Also, I am madly in love with Jay and Manny together. They are my absolute favorite parts.

James said...

if we die, we have no good Democrats, we believe the State can best take care of it.