Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Now here's a thing that makes me happy

Seeing the way Alec (my son) plays with Chloe (my grandbaby). He tosses her around and hangs her upside down by her tiny heels and blows noisy raspberries on her stomach. And the whole time that girl baby is just SHRIEKING with crazy happiness.

It reminds me so much of how my dad used to play with me. He was coaching football AND wrestling at Granite High School, and while he knew something about football, he was a novice wrestler. He jokes that he coached while reading outloud from a 1950's version of THE DUMMY'S GUIDE TO WRESTLING. So sometimes he'd practice wrestling holds on me. OKAY HERE GOES! he'd shout. HALF-NELSON! And the next thing you knew I'd be flat on my back on the living room floor, flat-out gulping with laughter and so would he.

I know. I hit the Dad Jackpot. And so has Chloe.


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wjmom said...

Dads are so very important in the lives of their children. Hooray for your dad! Hooray for you grandbaby's dad! Hooray for my dad!