Sunday, April 24, 2011

And now it's Easter

When it's spring, I go into noticing mode--noticing each new thing reappearing in my garden, and so it's no surprise that Easter, even more than Thanksgiving, stops me up short and causes me to acknowledge with deep gratitude the tender mercies present in my life.

You, for instance.



Lisa B. said...

xo to you, Ann. Happy Easter!

wjmom said...

Happy, happy Easter; welcome spring; and love to good friends!

LucindaF said...

My sweet love, Ann, you know how you've fused yourself into all that is spring for me. Spring has always been my favorite. To me, you are in every blossom and sweet smell of pollen.

There is nothing more beautiful than a sprig of green breaking through the once dormant earth. Except babies. Babies beat everything in beautifulness and happiness.