Thursday, April 14, 2011

I am

. . . sort of stunned. I took our newfie, Zora, to the vet today and she now tips the scales at 200 pounds. No wonder she can't jump into my car. Instead she just stares at me and says, "Yeah, let's see how nimble you'd be with a backside like mine."

This just goes to show how delusional I can be. I've been thinking that she looks slimmer somehow. In spite of all those pancakes we feed her.

That's it. Time to put that dog on a diet.


Louise Plummer said...

I was going to make an argument that your dog probably weighs what Newfs are supposed to weigh, but I googled it, and I'm sorry to say your dog may be fifty pounds over weight. He can come to my Optifast therapy sessions with me. Although, he'll have to keep a food journal.

The Tanners said...

I LOVE ZORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But man two hundred pounds? I think i will pass on a newfie!