Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Oh yes, I have been eating

Our friend Jayne wondered here if I haven't eaten anything since the end of April due to lack of food-related posts. I am here to assure you all that (see blog title above).

In fact, I must confess that I have now driven several times to the Cheesecake Factory to buy that red velvet cheesecake thing so I can take it home and hide it from others. So the hiding part is bad. Also the driving to the Cheesecake Factory part is bad because it's a long way from my house. I have to pack a lunch and sunscreen and also get my shots updated and slip my passport ito my purse before leaving the house because the CF is on 62nd South whereas I live downtown. So that means it takes a good portion of my day just to drive out there for cheesecake purposes and that's kind of sick, don't you agree?

But here's the sickest part of all. Rick Horne, who told me about this dessert in the first place, just informed me that one slice of red velvet cheesecake has 1500 calories which is more calories than many Hollywood starlets eat in a month. And the worst part is that I've been eating the cheesecake on top of everything else I inhale.

Feel free to push my Shame Button now.


radagast said...

I'm gassing up the motorhome and heading out there now. This must be some kinda cheesecake! Calories--pfff.

Rachel said...

Thanks a lot Rick Horne, you just ruined my day.

Calories shmalories.

LucindaF said...

How many quarter pounders is that?

Why must there be consequences?

BTW, your column in the DN was excellent. I love the nuances of you and Ken.

Kerri said...

Small mentioning Rick made me remember that I think I met you at Rick Horne's big birthday party a couple of years ago and felt foolish when I told you I was a big fan. :) I am, though.

Cheesecake, calories...woman is that she might have joy, right? Just go for it and enjoy every bite (says the dieting woman trying to ignore the great desire to bake cookies.) (But 4 cookies don't have nearly 1500 calories, right? So maybe they are diet food after all. I'm glad I cleared that up. Cookies it is.)

Lisa B. said...

That canNOT be true about the calories. That is nonsense and propaganda. I say this without ever once having eaten or even seen said cheesecake either in full-cake or slice-o-cake form. I do not accept this "fact." NONONONONONONONO.

It's so important to me that this be not true.

Tiffany said...

I have a lot of respect for people who would drive that far for a dish they love.

In other news, I hate finding out how many calories are in things. It ruins everything for me.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

my stomach hurts...I cannot turn away cheesecake at all...or pizza, or chips, or tamales...Lima beans are not much of a temptation.
hey I wrote about something really, really precious to me on my blog...I don't think I like how it turned out.It was better than that.

Kerry said...

ooo! I want a shame button on my blog! I bet we could get one somehow!!

Louise Plummer said...

Get thee behind me, Satan.

Amy said...

And by "shame" button you mean "overwhelmed with jealousy" right? Cuz it would take mean hour to get to CF, and maybe 2 seconds to inhale the goods. *sigh*