Monday, May 10, 2010

Dough Girl! Hello!

Today my friend Maddy picked me up for surprise purposes. She said we'd only be gone for 30 minutes, but that she had something to show me. Since Maddy and I both like to garden, I figured it was something cool in bloom.

Instead she drove me straight to Dough Girl Cookies on 3rd West (which some of you have recommended) and bought me--then force fed me--THREE COOKIES: an orange one, a lemon one, a cherry one. I promptly went into a coma de bliss and have only just now emerged to tell the tale that these cookies are worth devouring.

BONUS SURPRISE! You can buy Mexican Coke at the Dough Girl, too!

I love America so, so much. Rock on, America!


Donna Tagliaferri said...

I love cookies......all cookies. I am especially jealous that you have a friend that would pick you up and take you for is that fair?

candace said...

my favorite is margo mint and she makes a killer red velvet cookie for valentine's and christmas!

LucindaF said...

Surprises that involve sugar comas are the best. Especially with good friends that love flowers and cookies.

America is the best! Vive l'Amerique!

Love your happiness, Ann.

Lisa B. said...

Damn. I need a cookie.

Andria said...

If I hadn't just finished eating a piece of peanut butter chocolate pie as I was reading your post, I might have been a little bit jealous.

BBB said...

I have often driven by Dough Girl and wondered about it. Is it a bakery that you can buy made cookies at? I've always assumed you could only buy cookie dough.

America is a wonderful place. How lucky we are.

Anne said...

I must learn more about this Dough Girl thingie and quick!