Monday, May 24, 2010

I can't explain this

But I watched the final episode of LOST last night. Even though I have never watched LOST. And guess what? It made me cry. So what I have learned from this experience is that I never have to watch an entire movie or follow a series or read a complete book again. All I have to do is cut to the chase, have a good weep and be done with it.

I thought I might talk about handling rejections this morning--sort of the do's and don'ts--but instead I have to say it's snowing here in Salt Lake City. On May freaking 25th. I'm holding Ken personally responsible since he's always all I HATE THE HEAT! I NEVER WANT TO LIVE IN ARIZONA! LET'S TURN ON THE AIR CONDITIONER RIGHT NOW! That's why my beloved and I are living in a state where it can snow 9 months out of the year.

He just called up the stairs to tell me he brought me home a surprise 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. Clearly he's trying to get on my good side.


LucindaF said...

Snow? Ugh. That's just not right. And on a Monday.

I blame global warming. HA HA ha ha HA!

Road trip, I say. Oregon Coast.

Enjoy your cold cans of heaven.

Lisa B. said...

This is ABSURD. It will not stand. I'm talking about the snow, obviously. The surprise Dr. Pepper is delightful and is totally allowed to stand, man.

BBB said...

Yes, this weather is INSANE. And it's going to make me insane too.

Bob the Woodworker said...

I don't think it's appropriate ever to blame an individual for weather you don't like. Unless, perchance, Mother Nature, the Great Oversoul, who may not be individuals. Even those of us who don't mind a little snow in the winter don't necessarily like to be snowed on at 6:30 in the morning running through the lovely Avenues. Finally, it should be mentioned that it can reach 80 degrees on days in at least 7 or 8 months a year in Salt Lake City.

Donna said...

I have such a great, I mean great theory about the weird weather...unfortunately it is a weird theory and people are frightened by it. I shall keep it to myself, however just know, I am right. In the mean time holy cats!! Snow? You all are being tortured.

Amy said...

Tell your hubby he needs to own a snow cone maker. It will change his life forever. (I'm on his team.)

Also, sorry, on behalf of all the heat haters, I hereby apologize to all the snow haters. But in our defense, this year we're winning!!!! :)

CSIowa said...

It snowed in Utah for my May wedding reception, a year or few ago, but not this late. I wonder what the record is for latest spring snowfall.

We had a nice warm day here in Iowa today, complete with high humidity just so we wouldn't feel smug about it. I got my first sunburn of the year on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Uh Ann. What day is this? I thought for sure it was May 24th, but then again, I also thought you were in Great Britain.

It was SO dang awesome meeting you face2face today. I loved it.

And the students at Valley have determined Utah's weather is bi-polar, and, according to them, they KNOW bi-polar.

Have the greatest of weeks! Renae

whirligigdaisy said...

Maybe you've still got some Christmas decorations up. . . somewhere.