Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The perks of being invisible

They say as you age you become invisible and HOLY COW, BATMAN it's kinda true.

But I'm discovering that there are advantages to this state.  One of them is that you can just stare, stare, stare away at people to your heart's content and nobody thinks you're being rude or nosy because hello.  They don't see you.

That's why I had fun staring at army guys running in Liberty Park today.  There was just all this patriotic testosterone in T-shirts floating around, which I enjoyed very much and nobody thought it was weird when I stopped my bike to take a look.

Although now that I write this down, I'm wondering if maybe this sounds a little weird after all.



Lisa B. said...

patriotic move there at the end--very persuasive. I will take your attitude under advisement, because my reaction to this phenomenon is often to be pissed off. I like your approach better. I think.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

you must read my blog today...your invisibility will go away in a hoo rah of importance!!!