Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reframing my weight issues

So, I had a fairly serious depressive episode last year (boo!) and lost twenty pounds (yay!)

Once I began feeling better I thought to myself, "Self!  Let's keep this here weight off."  And I did.  Until March.

Here's what happens in March.  Mrs. Backer's starts making hot cross buns during Lent, which means I have to go there every day and buy one.  Maybe two.  And then there are malted milk eggs to be had.  And then a certain birthday arrives.  And then also it must be said I start to crave hamburgers when the sun comes out.  So . . . . I inevitably gain weight in the spring.

And those twenty pounds I lost?  Well, they're rejoining the party that is my body.  Party on, pounds!

I've been distressed about this because I've always been that girl that had to/wanted to lose fifteen pounds.  Way, way, way lots of energy has been expended on the weight loss (real and aspirational both) front over the years.  And I've started to do that obsessing thing again.

But yesterday I had this thought:  why not feel pleased that I can eat again?  That food tastes good again.  That I don't have to dread food-related social encounters.  The pounds returning like homing pigeons are a sign that I am feeling well again.


Donna Tagliaferri said...

Incredibly healthy approach. I am going to be serious (ha!) and tell you nothing tastes better than food you truly love. I believe it is what God intended or we would all still be eating manna. the news that is most important in your blog is that you feel good, the depressing episode is better and you are enjoying some lenten delights. Food is a good thing....enjoy your life. I adore you...I wish you were here and I could cook for you!!

Megan Goates said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better, Ann. I'm so glad you are eating and enjoying it. You deserve all the good things.

Lisa B. said...

What Megan said. Also, I just want to say that you are magnificent and glorious and beautiful for every possible reason. I hope you have that hamburger with fries. xo

Emily Prusso said...

I think it's a tragedy to not enjoy eating. A tragedy.