Wednesday, April 13, 2016

That one episode of Frasier

So whenever I visit the Texans, Dylan and I like to play "You Don't Know Jack"--a game (I'll go ahead and say it) I often win.


The game gets violent sometimes, especially during round 3, otherwise known as "The Jack Attack." I frequently resort to kicking people in their thighs and so forth.

Anyway, Dylan (who is good at the game, it must be said, and sometimes beats me) beat me every time we played it  And . . . I think that made us all a little said.  It's like that episode when Frasier finally beats Marty in chess and then feels remorse for knocking the old mountain goat off the mountain.  Or something like that.

Is this a corner one turns when one turns sixty?

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CSIowa said...

My husband beat me at Scrabble for the first time the night before our oldest daughter was born. We haven't really played since then. I quite like to play Bananagrams these days, but it's hard to get anyone to play with me, for reasons you will understand. Sometimes my youngest (age 10) will play if we use house rules. (I can't use words longer than 5 letters and every time I peel I have to help her find a word.)