Tuesday, September 8, 2015

You should not be allowed to keep a diary when you're 13 and female

Because when you read that diary later you want to go shoot yourself.  At least your thirteen year-old self.

I pulled out my old diary last night and read what I wrote when I was reading the book Exodus by Leon Uris, because back when I was a teenager the whole YA thing hardly existed.  So you read bestsellers.

Anyway, during my seventh-grade year I stumbled onto the novel Exodus and was very intrigued by the sex scene where the hero undresses the heroine and kisses her breasts.


And because I as so young and inexperienced (and also because it was the late 60's when married couples on TV slept in separate beds) I somehow got the idea this was something only people who lived in Israel did.

Lucky Israelis.


Paige said...

Sometimes I wish I'd never heard that quote about journaling by Pres. Kimball because my teenage self started to wonder who in the future would read my journals and what would they think? Teenagers worry too much as it is about what everyone else is thinking. I'm glad your 13 yo self didn't worry about that quote. :)

Louise Plummer said...

What was more interesting than sex at 13? I can't think of a thing.

James said...

It takes courage to write a real journal, with real feelings, knowing that someone might read it. It is easy to write what you want your posterity to think of you. That is why I probably will refrain from writing "Kissing Breasts," in my journal anytime soon...but I will no doubt be tempted to write it.

Donna Tagliaferri said...

Wait....just wait. You are the only other person on the planet I know that read Exodus in 6th grade! That book started my fuel for wanting to be an Israeli fighter! My parents refused to let me join a Kibbutz (if they knew I would soon join the Mormon church they might have acquiesced) I read every single Leon Uris book...becoming almost obsessed with all things Jewish. Our stories become even more intertwined. I wish we had been friends in school...so many more stories to tell.