Tuesday, September 22, 2015

On our walk this morning

First thing.  A young man approached us in the dark and asked where the methadone clinic is.  Couldn't help him.  But I will say I looked at that kid and thought there but for the grace of God.  Some journeys are full of heartbreak.

Second thing.  We saw a car with a sign on the rear bumper that said "_________ your badge."  Talk about putting a bullseye on your back.  But our question was this:  does the owner of the car even know that the sign is there?  It looked kind of slapdash.

And suddenly I was off with this as a premise for a story.  

Also, I checked the back of my car as soon as we got home.


Paige said...

Your morning dog walk was much more interesting than ours.

James said...

Love this post.

My office was one of few 'living' offices in a desert of empty space for years. If I walked to work, and my partner rode his bike, there would be no one parked in the parking lot. Late last year, things began to change. We started to hear some construction taking place next door. There was no ostensible signage on the new neighbors door. The parking lot became overrun with activity people of all ages starting flooding the office next door. We started hearing sporadic, thunderous claps of approval. We noticed the struggle some had in turning off their car and walking through the doors of our neighbors. We finally figured out our new neighbors was a group therapy place for those fighting addictions. It has life-affirming to see the wave of cars roll into our parking lot at all hours of the day, including weekends. I find myself pulling for those sitting in their cars deciding. "Go In," I don't say, but want to. So, good on the kid seeking out the methadone clinic.

As to other, Straight Outta SLC