Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My new motto for living

One of my boys told me that whenever anybody got hurt in our house I'd say "Oh, just rub some dirt on it and get back in the game."

I don't think this is true.  I have no memory of saying anything like that.

But I wish I had.

I actually think this is an awesome approach to life--one I ought to follow myself.  So I'm gonna stitch it on a pillow, put that pillow on my couch, then go outside and rub some dirt on myself.


James said...

I love this on different levels. First, you must have said something like that for him to remember it. Kudos to you. Second, I infer that it is good memory for your son, at least I hope it is. It is totally awesome advice. Sometimes, its the cliches that matter most. Again, kudos to you. Third, I like you wished you said something you probably did, but don't remember saying. I get that totally. Finally, I love the image of stitching that motto on a pillow. It rocks!

Megan Goates said...

I love everything you write, Ann. Stitch that on a pillow, too.