Friday, August 8, 2014

Various angels

My friend Kathy has decided to bake cookies for me to take to the residents of the rest home where I read picture books.  Isn't that fabulous?  And she bakes enough so that I can have one or two myself.  Or three.  More fabulousness, right?

So anyway, I went yesterday with a couple of picture books and a big bowl of cookies, and the residents were thrilled.  After we were finished, one of the residents said a prayer (because technically this is a church meeting thing), and this is what she said, "Dear Heavenly Father.  We are SO GRATEFUL for Ann's neighbor.  Please bless her, and also please bless her that she will . . . "

Big long pause.  

I'm pretty sure the resident wanted to say, "Please bless her that she will keep making us cookies."  But apparently that was too naked of a request, so here's how the prayer ended:  "Please bless her that she [Ann's neighbor] will keep being an angel on earth."

So nice.


Angela Sandberg said...

Lol, and then a wheezing laugh. Then a slow, haaa hah haaah... Now explaining to husband across the room what was so funny. Maybe also relating to this lady's prayer. A little. I'm literally going to eat a chocolate chip cookie now,.

Emily said...

I have literally done this. (the pray for something a tiny bit inappropriate out loud in a grouping of people, not the bake cookies and read at the rest home thing.)