Monday, August 11, 2014

A snapshot of my future selfie (and it isn't pretty)

So yeah.  I'm a small-talker with store clerks.  I compliment them on their jewelry and tattoos.  I say something about the weather.  I may comment about the price of things, but only in a positive way.  I like to think this is me making a human connection.


I was just at a hardware store where a cheerful elderly small-talker (she had excellent earrings btw) wouldn't stop small-talking.  Like, those of us standing in line behind her heard the full life story of her garden hose.  How old it was.  Where it came from.  Where it went to college.  How many times it had been married and divorced.  The whole nine yards.  The whole nine thousand freaking yards.

And all I could do was offer a prayer up unto the skies and say, "Oh please don't let that be me one day."

Although now because I said that, I will most assuredly be that woman with the garden hose.

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