Friday, August 1, 2014


My friend Amy asked if I wanted to see Boyhood on the day it opened (today) and because I love doing stuff with Amy I said yes.  Also, I just watched Dazed and Confused this week, so why not make it a Richard Linklater festival?  Aw right, aw right, aw right!

Anyway, when Amy and I showed up at the Broadway I went into PURE PANIC MODE when I saw that the film is over three hours long.  People, I do not do ANYTHING that's three hours.  As Ken Cannon is fond of saying while pointing at me, "She has a short attention span."


See what I mean?

So I told Amy I didn't think I could sit through such a long movie.  And she said it was totally cool if I left any time I felt like it.  And I said if we had to leave early, I would buy her another ticket so she could see the rest of the movie.  And she said don't be ridiculous.  She understands the feeling of being trapped, which is why I always a) drive my own car and b) park on the street rather than in underground parking lots.  I'm a freak this way.

Anyhoo--I watched.  Entranced.  I didn't even fake going to the bathroom, which I always do in every single movie I ever watch just so I can get up and move for a few minutes.  I'm kind of in SHOCK over this development, and I have absolutely no idea why Boyhood worked so well for me.

Maybe because it just felt so real somehow?  I don't know.

Please!  Offer your insights and reactions.


Lauren said...

Amy sprinkled xanax on your popcorn...?

Would this be a good date night movie?

Angela Sandberg said...

I was intrigued by this, and am glad to read that you liked it. Also, maybe it's just worth it to be in air conditioning for that long?