Saturday, August 9, 2014

A little road trip with TRQ and the Coach

Here's where we stayed in Pinedale.  We went to see our relation Ava who is in a care facility now.  She's fab.  And she still had enough energy to try to kiss my dad on the lips.  The look of discomfort on his face = priceless.

Did I mention the place is called The Rivera?  It's super cute.  

They're pretty photogenic, don't you agree?  My dad is particularly happy here since he beat my mother at cards.  Twice.

Girl party!

Guy party!  (That's the joke at our house.  My boys think I'm a guy.)

TRQ made me take a picture of this.  I think she called them stackers.  You put hay on them.  Or maybe this is where you hang your chaps out to dry.

Because who doesn't love an antler arch?


radagast said...

You have lovely parents. And they have a lovely daughter. If you were here, I'd kiss all three of you on the lips.

Lisa B. said...

More travel photos from Ann Cannon, is what I say. I loved this tour de Rivera de Pinedale. More!

Philsy C said...

Antler Arch is AMAZING!

(We need to show you how to save your photos in a larger format).