Monday, July 28, 2014

You know why I'm blogging right now?

To avoid the writing I'm supposed to do today.  Gah!  I hate it when I'm like this.  I blocked out the morning to work on a Trib books piece due Wednesday and instead I have done the following--

1.  did laps at the pool
2.  mopped the kitchen floor
3.  vacuumed the entire downstairs
4.  drank several Dr. Peppers
5.  ate half an apricot
6.  called my mother-in-law
7.  made multiple trips to the recycling bin
8.  called Vikki and made an appointment to have my hair trimmed
9.  ate a piece of watermelon well past its prime
10. called TRQ


I'm getting to work now, people.  I promise.


radagast said...

Wouldn't it be wise to have a doughnut, first, just to sustain you through the arduousness? You can't be too careful.

Lauren said...

All in one morning? You are impressive. Quite.

Lisa B. said...

Writing REQUIRES procrastination. Procrastination IS writing. At least so I've heard. Also, get yourself some better watermelon. Life is just too short.

(watch out for that Radagast--he is recommending doughnuts for every single ailment.)