Wednesday, July 9, 2014

When selfies go wrong

Yeah, so I've mentioned before that I hate photos of myself.  And I hate that sometimes I have to send people photos of myself.  Like today.  I had a gentle reminder from someone that they're waiting for me to send a bio and a photo for a talk I have to do this January.  So OF COURSE I can't find any j-peg deals on my computer, so I run outside and start taking disastrous selfies.  Which you can see for yourself.

Yes.  People always like photos of walls behind your head.

Objects are larger than they appear  . . . (thanks Gary Larsen)

Hahahahaha!  I LAUGH in the face of danger!

And then I decide to tuck my chin in front of the camera and laugh some more.  Hahahahaha!

Ooooo!  Perky!

Less perky. . . but with branches coming out of my ears!

Suspicious Face

I'm in the dark.  As usual.

I had a neck once.  It was a good one.  I miss it.


Lisa B. said...

And yet there you are as beautiful as life, almost, in each of these pictures. Beautiful you.

Louise Plummer said...

This made me laugh so hard, it turned into a coughing fit. Thank you for that.

Tom Plummer said...

Ann, I have my camera here in Midway. Is it too late to offer a little help?

James said...

Nothing wrong with this pictures. Even the "shadow" Cannon is mysterious and interesting.

link2literacy said...

I like the "larger than appears" choice for myself. Performs a double-chin-ectomy with no pain or cost! But you do NOT a second chin, but the up-close-and-personal shot is hard to resist. You are toooooo cute!

Angela Sandberg said...

I agree with link2literacy, photo number 2! "Go big or go home", I think the professional photographers always say. Right? They say that.

But seriously, that's my fav, and not in an ironic favorite sort of way.

Emily said...

You look pretty.

Alicia Call said...

This whole thing made ma LOL.