Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy (Quiet) Pioneer Day

It's been quiet here.

Kathy and I strolled down to South Temple early to watch the runners.  Afterwards I went home and made potato salad for lunch at noon, which also turned out to be a quiet affair.  Then I took Al and his family to the pool which we had to ourselves, so yeah.  Things were kind of quiet there, too.

When did quiet become the new noisy at our house?

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Lisa B. said...

We went out for dinner and a movie, both rather quiet as well. I have never liked big festival-ish celebrations (parades, fireworks in the park, all right I am the Grinch), but I kind of felt a little lonesome. I can't even remember what I/we ever did on the 24th. I am sure there was at least a picnic somewhere in there?