Wednesday, July 2, 2014

On being given a shot in the arm by a chatty person

And by "shot in the arm" I mean a literal shot.  Not a bit of cheering up.

Anyway.  A few months ago I finally dragged this self to the doctor's office to see why I'm so TIRED all the time and my doctor said I needed some Vitamin B12 injections for awhile, which I am now getting.  Last week when I went in, this very nice young man showed me into the office and announced he would be giving me my shot.  And then he announced this was his first day on the job.  And then he announced he just graduated from high school.

So.  Did you know America is a country where 18 year-olds give shots in doctor's offices?

Well, he was cute.  And he gave me the shot which (I'll be honest) felt like a shot an 18 year-old boy who just graduated from high school would give you.  Then he put a bandaid (no princess bandaids!  SAD FACE!) over the shot hole and a few days later when I remembered to take it off, my upper arm region was all bruise-y, which I didn't mind, frankly, because you know.  Badass.

But I'll admit when I saw the same kid this morning I kinda started dreading the upcoming experience.  And this time while giving me the shot he told me about his recent senior trip.  (The lake was cold!   But he and his friends had an awesome time!)

You'll be pleased to know he didn't tell me this was only his second week on the job.  Dude's gone all shot pro.


Lauren said...

haha, shot hole

Lisa B. said...

once, the historian had his blood drawn by a wizard phlebotomist. it was amazing. it was like this woman took the drawing needle, showed it to the vein, and then a magical magnetic field drew the needle gently into the vein. I think there might have been a little tiny bit stardust that ethereally released from the site. it was awesome. I hope your high school grad phlebotomist has a little bit of that wizardry in him.

Lisa B. said...

...and by "your high school grad phlebotomist" I meant "shot harpoonist," obviously.