Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The dogs of Liberty Park

I always think it's interesting to see what kinds of humans own which kinds of dogs, because you know!  It's always so much fun to generalize!

Anyway.  Running every morning in Liberty Park gives me a chance to draw some loose conclusions on this front and here's what I've observed.

Pitbulls are often owned by young females in their twenties or early thirties.  Tattoos are frequently involved, although not always.

Toy breeds are often owned by large men of color.

Golden retrievers and worthy rescue dogs are often owned by gray-haired couples who listen to NPR.

Feel free to add observations of your own.


Lisa B. said...

"Worthy rescue dogs" lololololololol


Megan said...

How do you know they listen to NPR? And generalizing IS fun. I totes agree.

Louise Plummer said...

I obviously need to get a golden retriever.

radagast said...

Let slip the dogs of Liberty Park! So, who the hell owns a Newfie?