Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What excellent nouns you all have!

Thank you.  I'll start free-writing tomorrow.  But first here's this week's column along with a photo.  FYI this bird hates having his picture taken as much as I do.


Megan said...

Two-year-olds are rather like parrots. When I braked suddenly in the car recently, mine said, "oh crap!" Considering my history of cluster cussing, it could've been worse.

Loved this column. It's what's happening currently in my life.

James said...

This article is hilarious and an accurate depiction of life with a pack of boys. Note to Dads of boys. Be careful what you say, and be careful how you drive. "Parrots" eventually learn to drive, and they tend to copy their father's vehicular shenanigans.

Jennie La said...

Such a great post. I still hear my mom's parroting phrases in my head. And for as many eye rolls as she got I kind of like them now.