Monday, May 19, 2014

Thoughts on blogging and bloggers

So apparently by the time I started up, everyone else was winding down.  I'm referring to blogging, of course, and how it's supposed to be passe and everything.   BUT.  I hope blogs don't disappear.  I hope bloggers don't stop blogging--especially bloggers who are telling real stories about real life.  I think at some level, personal narrative has always been my favorite form--both as a reader and a writer.  And what else is blogging except exercises in the personal essay?

Last week I read a piece written by my friend Megan who keeps a blog, chronicling her life with four boys--two of whom are special needs.  Her writing is always entertaining--Megan is as wry as she is observant.  But this particular post sent my heart into my throat.

Do not stop blogging, people.


Lauren said...

I feel like commenting has died on blogs, but I hope blogging itself doesn't. That's the highlight of my day and I am so bummed when I don't have any recent updates from my favorite blogs to read. Everyone should update at least once a day so I can be happy. I am selfish.

I also thought Megan's post was well written and poignant.

James said...

Yes, Keep on Blogging.

Amelia said...

I'll never give up blogging yo. Bloggers for life.
It always makes me happy when you blog! :)

Margy said...

You either :)