Thursday, May 29, 2014

Light (noun courtesy of Blue)

I love this time of year because of the light.  Light, light, light.  It's all around me.  First thing in the morning until late-ish at night.  And when it's like this I want to be outside.  All. The. Time.

Today I took a bike ride in the light of Liberty Park with all that green dappled sunshine falling on my hair and everywhere.  I saw a young man strolling his baby and walking his pit bull and he was covered with tattoos.

Here's the deal with me and tattoos.  I'm always interested.  Emma, when your mother and I went to SF when we were 19, she was afraid that I'd fun off and get one (I didn't), but since I am old now, you can see from this that my fascination goes back for forever.

Anyway.  I always ask people about their tattoos.  At first I used to worry that the people would think I was being too forward, but what I've discovered is this--the tattooed ones like to talk about their ink.  So I always ask why they chose what they chose and I hear interesting stories.  Which brings me back to today's young dad.  He had a huge portrait of Karl Marx's head tattooed on his calf.  When I asked him why Karl Marx, he said, "Unfortunately there aren't many serious socialists around these days."

But  hot damn!  I met one today.  In Liberty Park.


Blue said...

BLUE FTW!!! ;-)

I love your friendly way of being. I wish I were in liberty park this morning so you could ask me about, um, my interesting cartouche of my name. (no, i'm not egyptian. but i walk like one. buh dump bump)

I miss you. Wishing we could see you again at our monthly gathering (see what you started?!) Did you know that Lauren and Emily were borned the VERY SAME DAY?! It's true. And because of you and LP, the ten of us have a wonderful new group of friends and supporters and writing cheerleaders. We owe you cake. Or something. xox

James said...

Love this post. Maybe he will complete the set with Karl's brothers...Groucho, Harpo, Chico. (Cal Cameron/Spiderman reference). Keep them coming.

Bonnie White said...

I loved this post too. You are a breath of fresh air.

Margy said...

So this time of year it can be SO hard to make myself go to work at the county jail. It's so gloomy in there compared to the gorgeous expanse of spring sky. Because jail.

But, I guess the compensation is I get to see a disproportionate number of tattoos :). Here's one of my stories:

Margy said...

Also, was "fun off and get one" intentional or a perfect slip?

Emily said...


Lisa B. said...

That tattooed love boy (shout out to The Pretenders!) with Karl Marx on his leg needs to meet the serious socialists I know--I know loads! Or, to be precise, the historian does.